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Hey guys..I found these 3 sites last week when I was looking into the handing out digital camera's idea.
Thought they might be of use to us...

What do you like about Middle Main?

The idea behind this concept is to have people in the community give 1 word answers to articulate their personal view of Middle Main. They will give one answer that describes their view of the past, the present, and the future. The main idea is to have community members physically be a part of the revitalization of Middle Main. Combining 1-word answers w/ imagery can be showcased in storefront windows. One idea would be to give cameras to individuals for a few hours to take pictures of what they find positive about the area. This would be combined with their answer to the question. Another option is to take pictures of the resident's faces (or self portraits) and combine with their answers. Either way, these would be displayed in the storefront space. The main goal is to focus on the positive and personal aspects of the area and how they envision its future.

By: Radhika Unnikrishnan, Lisa Anastasio, Guy-Serge Emmanuel


Our vision was to collect all of the photographs, portraits and one word answers and display them to form the word "Community."
"Community" would be placed across a few vacant store front windows. We also had the idea of taking the collected words and imagery
and displaying them on the billboard that overlooks the gas station, creating an advertisement for the window display.