Storefront Display Images:
Middle Main Revitalization Ideas
Radhika Unnikrishnan
Assignment 1

1. Public Art Display: indoor
- Storefronts can highlight a local artist and use the space to display work
- Different artists can be used for differentstorefronts or they can be constantly rotating
- having these dispersed throughout area can keep viewers interested throughout
- children could team up with a professional artist to implement and create artwork as well
- billboard near gas station can promote current artists on view
1) Issues/assets:
- Middle Main area looks desolate, this could be used to aesthetically brighten the area
- cause people walking by to notice the area and take a break and look at the artwork
- Vacant storefronts are the most visible part of the area

2) Audience:
- local community residents would be the most effectively engaged, and potentially visitors
- Artists could be residents or students in the community or from Vassar

3) Clarifying outcome:
- To create a sense of community and pride in the artwork of residents as well as brightening up the area and making it more attractive. If children/residents are involved in the process, participation in this concept gives a sense of ownership in the revitalization initiative.

4) Necessary resources
- participation and sources for artists
- perhaps participation from Vassar
- participation from storefront owners
- materials for set up
- billboard access

2. Public Art Display - outside (lots)

- Area could be reserved monthly as spaces to create art publicly
- Drawings/paintings created in a group area
- finished work can be displayed in storefront areas later or dispersed through city
- Each session, projects could be themed or specific to Poughkeepsie pride
- can be collaborative or separate

1) Issues/Assets:
- youth engagement can be increased
- can help instill pride in area/beautify area
- parking lots look desolate and are empty

2) Audience:
- elementary through high school students; potentially all residents

3) Clarifying outcome:
- To use art to engage students to want to be a part of the process of beautifying Middle Main--feel included and help see it fully realized.

4) Necessary Resources:
- art materials
- tents, tables
- promotional materials, participation from students

3. Photographic History Series

- historical/informative images could be placed on each block or in front of each building with a brief description or a series of images of how the area has changed over time
- put viewer in context of that area
- similar to self-guided tour/walking trail
- create unified aesthetic of area
- markers or arrows could be painted on sidewalks or sides of buildings to direct people through area or designate a historical fact

1) Issues/assets:
- amplify the architecture of area; historic facades highlighted
- no unified aesthetic/signage in area

2) Audience:
- community residents; ideally visitors

3) Clarifying outcome:
- People visiting Poughkeepsie will have a reason to continue through Middle Main and see the positive sides of the area highlighted while showcasing current immigrant population as well through restaurants

4) Necessary resources:
- history of area - Vassar students may have information? (according to assets/issues e-mail)
- photographs/imagery of area
- materials/funding to produce
- space to install

4. Painted lamp posts

- Organizations, individuals, or business ownders can be assigned one lamp post to re-paint it in any manner/decorate it
- Could also be used on trash cans as well
- Could potentially be a competition with prize?

1) Assets/Issues:
- lamp posts are bare and non-inviting- very tall and are completely different from the other lamp posts in the area before entering Middle Main
- sidewalks are dirty and littering is prevalent
- having certain parts of the sidewalk that looks nice may prevent people from littering
- highlighting trash cans may help make them more visible

2) Audience:
- community residents, business owners, individuals

3) Clarifying outcome:
- Brightening the sidewalks by highlighting parts of it and giving ownership to community members--participating in the process of beautifying this area

4) Necessary resources:
- painting/art materials
- sponsors and participation for each lamp post
- research on how many exist
- prize

5. Photography/Murals

- Storefronts can house large photographic imagery of the area or sides of buildings can have murals of Poughkeepsie area/river
- Billboard space near gas station (across from lot we visited) could be used here
- Advertisements for local businesses could be painted on sides of buildings to enhance the authentic/small town feel of area

1) Assets/Issues
- vacant parking lots, open store fronts
- showing beautiful imagery can highlight the positive factors of the area
- if billboard is visible from the arterials, it could potentially attract commuters and help bring traffic through Middle Main
- could also be applied to sidewalk areas

2) Audience
- commuters, visitors, artists

3) Clarifying outcome
- Idealize and reinstill beauty of the area to help keep area clean and feel welcoming

4) Necessary resources:
- materials for mural/photography
- access to billboard
- access to wall space

6. Taste of Middle Main

- local restaurants can bring dishes for residents/visitors to taste and try out food
- promote restaurants with sample finger foods or drinks to commuters/residents who live outside of Middle Main

1) Assets/Issues:
- lots of local authentic restaurants
- open grassy spaces can be used
- lack of coffee/ice cream places - there are some (i.e. Cafe Bocca or Blue Mountain Coffee Roasters) that could bring samples
- commuters may have a reason to stay in area longer

2) Audience:
- commuters, those who live outside of Middle Main

3) Clarifying outcome:
- To promote authentic cuisine of Middle Main and have a space for people to gather and socialize while encouraging people to eat at the restaurants

4) Necessary resourses:
- restaurants to participate
- tents
- access to grassy area
- facilities to have food transported and set up

7. Outdoor Film Screenings: Screen on the Green

- The open spaces could be used to have films played outside monthly
- perhaps in parking lots or even on rooftop spaces?
- popcorn and drinks could be provided

1) Assets/Issues:
- lack of community involvement
- generate a space to socialize and gather

2) Audience:
- residents, all ages

3) Clarifying outcome:
- Provide an area for people to enjoy themselves and relax during summertime with others

4) Necessary resources:
- screen
- space large enough to provide seating
- movie access, projector

8. Floral Displays/DIY Gardening area

- grassy areas could be designated as a public gardening/floral spaces
- small, but inviting, adds color
- residents would be involved in the process of planting

1) Assets/Issues:
- city has cart for watering flowers
- opens spaces available
- lack of greenery/flowers in Middle Main

2) Audience:
- residents, visitors

3) Clarifying outcome:
- Allowing residents to add to the beautification of Middle Main and brighten up the area

4) Necessary Resources:
- seeds, soil, compost
- wood or other material to demarcate areas and house soil
- participation