Assignment 1

Lisa Anastasio

1. What Do You Like About Middle Main Campaign

1. Issues/assets
- need for stronger relationship between community and visitors
- lack of people staying within the area
- many untouched building/empty lot walls

2. Audience/participation
- the existing stakeholders are the residents of Middle Main and all those who visit
- these are the people that make up the community, they live, work, and play here
and they know it best. Also not only the visitors but the local artists all have an opinion on the area.
- pedestrians of middle main (visitors)/residents.

3. Clarifying the Outcome
- When registering for the Middle Main website, the final question
asks to state one thing you like about Middle Main. I thought this would be
an interesting concept to continue into the community. If everyone (residents/visitors/passers-through)
could write one thing they like about middle main and then this could be gathered and collaged into a
public art piece. Or a piece of land/wall could be sectioned off for them to grab a piece of chalk (or maybe something
a little more permanent) and start to cover the various bricks. 1 brick for 1 "like"

4. Necessary Resources
- possible need to initially get the word out, flyer/blog post etc.
- wall space for art to be present
- sign describing what the participants should do
- writing utensils

external image 259168792_cfc3056ee9.jpg

2. Community Basketball Court

1. Issues/assets
- youth/community relationships
- lack of community recreational area
- paved unused area of land

2. Audience/participation
- residents of community, focused on but not limited to the youth
- they can effect change by be involved in something as a community and interact on a
recreational level
- I believe all residences would be those to reach, although the youth would be a focus

3. Clarifying the Outcome
- There is an unused, already paved, area of land down the first street we visited.
- It is currently a "parking lot" that no one uses and no cars go through.
- This area I believe would be a great location for a community basketball court, maybe even 2.
- Visiting the area, I didn't notice any playgrounds/out door areas for kids to really play in.

4. Necessary Resources
- all that's included in building a basketball court. (hoops, floor paint, possible re-pavement, benches, donated basketballs)

external image 2604047553_40948a8fae.jpg

3. Beautifying the Court

1. Issues/assets
- youth/community relationships
- lack of community art projects and materializing a sense of working together
- new open canvas of court

2. Audience/participation
- residents of community
- coming together and working together to paint the floor of the court with
whatever the participants would like.
- creating and establishing relationships within the community and bringing
the concept of playing and working together to life.

3. Clarifying the Outcome
- after the new basketball court is installed and ready to go, the community
would be able to gather and create a unified piece of art work that will live
at their new recreational location. This would hopefully encourage them to
continue using the courts and create a sense of unification within the community
as all art works will mesh together on the courts pavement.

4. Necessary Resources
- getting the word out when this will take place
- donated floor paint and brushes

external image longest-chalk-pavement-art-Cluj-1a.jpg

4. It Takes a Community To Build A Garden

1. Issues/assets
- community relationships
- homegrown food
- empty grassy areas

2. Audience/participation
- residents of community
- coming together and working together to establish
and maintain a working garden in their communities
- creating and establishing relationships within the community the concept
of working together to create something.

3. Clarifying the Outcome
- creating a community garden where everyone can come together to build
and work on maintaining a growing garden

4. Necessary Resources
- an area where the process garden can sustain.
- flowers/fruits/vegetables / soil
- tools for planting and watering, gloves, etc.

external image community-garden-intro.jpg

5. Putting That Garden to Use

1. Issues/assets
- community relationships
- many local restaurants
- involvement of all participating parties

2. Audience/participation
- residents of community/local restaurant owners
- reaching the residents of the community along with visitors who lack
knowledge of the communities food availability.

3. Clarifying the Outcome
- creating and establishing relationships within the community, the concept
of working together to create something that then can be distributed to the
restaurants. Keeping everything local and homegrown along with a knowledge
of local cooking.

4. Necessary Resources
- harvesting food from the garden.
- participation of local restaurant owners
- outdoor tents where cooking demonstrations can take place.
- outdoor cooking materials.

external image 2902297768_576cb92a9e.jpg

6. Beauty is in The Details / Picture Middle Main

1. Issues/assets
- community relationships
- beautiful surroundings
- new community perspective
- lack of people wanting to stay in the area

2. Audience/participation
- community and visitors who would like to be involved
- getting the perspective of those who live and visit the location
to enlarge the little things they find beautiful within Middle Main

3. Clarifying the Outcome
- using inexpensive disposable cameras, allowing the community and
its visitors to grab a camera and begin to photograph the little, usually, unnoticed
details about the area that contain a certain amount of beauty. Whether its a flower, rock,
building facade, fire hydrant, lamp post, etc. These photos could then be collected, developed and
put on display whether in a permanent location such as a building facade or a temporary photography
show held in a vacant space.

4. Necessary Resources
- disposable cameras
- place to develop and print pictures
- building facade or another location to display pictures if they are to be more permanent
- tents if outdoor show
- location if indoor show

external image DSC_5966-e1287351398762.jpg

7. A Journey Down FallKill Creek

1. Issues/assets
- beautiful creek that runs through Middle Main
- lack of knowledge on the creek
- place where community can venture and learn

2. Audience/participation
- community and visitors
- knowledge can be learned about what the creek as to offer to the area
- trying to keep people in the community involved and in the know about their
residences. Also bringing more people to the location and hopefully to stay
and gain some knowledge

3. Clarifying the Outcome
- Gather informational facts about the creek.
- Display each individual fact along the creek.
- Create a walking tour.
- It will bring the community and visitors not only down to the creek but to walk
along it and while doing so read the facts and gain knowledge on the creek and
its history and what it has to offer.

Some facts found on the FallKill Creek Information Site:
- The creek flows just about 16 miles from its source in Hyde Park and Clinton and spills into the Hudson River
- The creek can be followed from Hyde Park and passed through Clinton, Pleasant Valley, the Town of Poughkeepsie,
and the City of Poughkeepsie.
- Approximately 28,500 people live within the watershed of the creek.
- The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) classifies the creek as a
“Class C” stream, suitable for fishing, but not for bathing.

4. Necessary Resources
- information resources
- materials to display information
- possible initial clean up of creek so people may walk

external image fallkill_loc_web_small.gif

8. A Look Back and Forward

1. Issues/assets
- rundown building facades along with some that have already been improved

2. Audience/participation
- community and visitors along with those in charge of sprucing up the location
- need to ban together to get the downs buildings fixed up
- trying to reach both the community to make a visual impact and also those in charge
of distributing money to Middle Main revitalizations

3. Clarifying the Outcome
- Some building facades on Main Street have already gotten a face lift, however
many are still in need. The idea is to have a "display show" at night projecting
images on the facades of the buildings. The ones who still need imrpovement
would get the projection of what they would look like renovated, and those that
already got the face lift can show what they look like before. This can be down
either all at once or have it more as a walking show where each building will
have the picture projected at individual times in order of location and the onlookers
can then all walk together down Main Street. The idea is to enlarge the communities
awareness of how fixing the building facades can add a great improvement to the look
of their community, hopefully wanting them to become more active in fighting for the reources
to do so.

4. Necessary Resources
- images to be displayed, both past and present
- projectors
- opposing rooftops/etc. to set up projectors

external image 37046620_200.jpg