Found this from one of John Maeda's tweets:
"The late George Heilmeier's list of 9 questions to answer for any funding proposal. #4 is key."

Inspirational Ideas:

Websites for fundraising:
"A new way to fund & follow creativity"
[ 1 ]

"World's leading international funding platform"
[ 2 ]

"The Easy way to collect money"
[ 3 ]
This one enables you to have a widget on the site

"Loans that can change lives"
Group Loans, Housing Loans, Agricultural Loans

Other Sites for inspiration**

Concepts -Elisabetta Distefano *(Leeza)

Beautification of the Streets themselves
- need for a more friendlier and welcoming atmosphere
- making each street as important as the rest
- approval from city
- residents of Middle Main is audience

Clarifying the Outcome

Necessary Resources

Solar Powered Street Lights
Not enough street lights, but cost effective
Replace current lights and add some more

Clarifying the Outcome
Illuminated streets can generate some night life
Safer environment
Contributing to a sustainable future

4. Necessary Resources
Solar Powered Street lamps

Outdoor Sculpture Garden
Empty lots by the creek
Inspiring Sculptures to walk around in and some to observe
Create an atmosphere to inspire

Curators, Artists, Sculptures
Visitors and Residents

Clarifying the Outcome
A place to unwind and walk around to have a conversation with someone.
A great place to go on a lunch break.

Necessary Resources
Materials to build Sculpture
Outdoor Lot by the creek and parking lot

Thought Provoking Murals
Nothing close enough to the area such as a book store to stimulate the thirst for knowledge
The murals can raise hope to people wither it be younger or older generation
Ask People in middle main who inspires them (famous people such as Albert Einstein, etc.) It'll help give a consensus of who to quote for the murals
Typography driven quotes with a possible illustration of the famous person but not necessary. It should be the words that inspire and the author of the quote should be 'googled' or 'researched' as a second step to discovering some knowledge. Purpose is to plant positive seeds in the residents/visitors minds for creativity.

Residents, Artists, muralists, letterers (typographers)

Clarifying the Outcome
Stimulate excitement in people who view the murals or provoke emotions to be inspired.

Necessary Resources
Side of buildings, Paint, Survey of residents

"Bringing something to the middle of Middle Main" Campaign
- No venues that have fresh groceries
- Having a street fair

- The residents
- Street Merchants

Clarifying the Outcome

Necessary Resources**