ADDITIONAL IDEAS: As I was working through my ideas. I started to notice the sounds around me: the wind chimes, the birds, etc. I recall when we were by the creek the sound of the creek was very sweet. It was the only place I heard the birds too. So I was thinking that the community could attract bird and possible migrations by creatng and hanging bird feeders along the creek. In addition chimes twoudl add another level of vibrancy. So the idea might be to involve the community and the artist, players, etc. in the creation of beautifully decorated and conceived, bird feeders and chimes. By utilizing the vacant store front, similar to the pie lad, artist and neighbors could create a workshop for fine crafts. These items would not only revitalize the location but would also create a cottage industry for the community. The money could fund scholarships for local youth and/or go towards the revitalization efforts of Middle Main that benefits the local economy.