Assignment 1

Concept 1-2

Digital Historic Trolley Path/Analog Historic Trolley Path

1) Issues/Assets:
Developing a stronger relationship between community groups, utilizing storefront windows and communal space of sidewalks, utilizing historical knowledge of area historians; residents, visitors and contributors connect through shared experience both created and remembered.
2) Audience/Participation
Past residents, current residents, Vassar students/faculty, visitors, area historians
3) Clarifying the Outcome – see attached pdf

4) Necessary Resources –
We could invite area historians to provide information:
-Harvey Flad, Emeritus Professor of Geography at Vassar College and author of
Main Street to Mainframes: Landscape and Social Change in Poughkeepsie (led a walking tour through Main Street last year)
-Dutchess County Historical Society
-Holly Wahlberg – In Their Own Words - a book of personal accounts about Poughkeepsie history
-We could also invite the Vassar art department and local technology businesses to participate.

-Other resources required: Paint, sidewalk chalk, video projection devices, motion activation devices (for digital idea)

Concept 3

Collaged Benches

1) Issues/Assets-
Middle Main Street needs adequate seating to invite visitors to sit and rest, have a picnic, etc. The communal space that the sidewalk provides would be enlivened. Visitors would have an interesting site to come to and a place to rest. Participants could see their artwork realized in a public space. The different communities would bond over the shared experience of creating the collages and sharing the personal stories they associate with the paper ephemera they would bring to collage with.
2) Audience/Participation-
citizens, local artists, Vassar art department
3) Clarifying the outcome – see attached pdf

Example of Collage similar projects that I did with some students as a visiting artist:

4) Necessary Resources –
local artists, benches, collage materials, collage substance (like matte medium), heavy resin or varnish to seal the artwork

Concept 4

Storefront Video Screenings

1) Issues/Assets –
Utilizing the empty storefront space to create community and enliven the space.
2) Audience/Participation –
Vassar art department, local artists, historic society, local businesses, housing authority
3) Clarifying the Outcome – see attached pdf

4) Necessary Resources –
video projectors, curtains or screens (to cover window and project onto), footage of Hudson, citizens, community

Concept 5-6

3-D Type Installation/ Graffittied Type Installation

1) Issues/Assets –
Utilizing empty lots bought by housing authority to create a destination that would engage families/children and also be a site for visitors or tourists to interact with the space. Create a sense of pride about Middle Main/Poughkeepsie. Allow citizens to express themselves
2) Audience/Participation-
local families/children, area sculptors/artists, area businesses that specialize in industrial materials, Vassar art department or other related departments
3) Clarifying the Outcome – see drawing on attached pdf *note- the phrase could be something different- more personal to Middle Main or Poughkeepsie.

Example of Type Installation in Amsterdam

4) Necessary Resources –
concrete, wood, or other building materials, local sculptor or Columbia engineering group (?) to oversee design/construction, an open field or lot, local construction company
For graffitied version: sidewalk chalk

Concept 7

SuperGraphic Installation

1) Assests/Issues
Abandoned buildings need to be spruced up, architecture highlighted to give the area a more personal feel and to help raise property value, residents need a sense of belonging to a community they are proud of.
2) Audience/Participation
area schools, vassar art department, local painting business, local sports teams (?), housing authority
3) Clarifying the Outcome – see attached pdf

Article with examples of SuperGraphics:

4) Necessary Resources –
Paint, local artists/designers, community participation to decide upon a phrase that represents the community, local businesses, building owners, housing authority