My own rambling list...

1. Community 'Taller'/Workshops
Series of workshops led by local seamstresses, crafts and repair people from the 'Middle Main' PK community based on their skills and offerings. Attendees can bring broken things and either fix or reimagine -- bring all sorts of tools and materials, old technology and new?

2. Wish You Were Here Postcard campaign
A series of 'wish you were here...' postcards (trading cards?) with images from 'Middle Main' of local residents, architecture, local biz. Secure permission from the Post Office for a special post mark that allows postcards to be sent for free to any address within the perimeters of 'Middle Main'.
possible theme for imagery -- resident portraits & text noting one thing they'd like to see happen in their neighborhood, also note occupation and name of resident, # of years lived there?
use long wide postcard format -- w/ a tear off section for entries
could be accompanied with video taken during portrait shoot; short interviews

3. Eat Corn/ Watch Movies
The site for my proposal is an empty lot in 'Middle Main' owned by the Hudson River Housing Association and available to PAUSE. The proposal would be to regrade, add soil and compost, and replant the lot -- half with corn and the other half with grass. The corn would be harvested in the Fall and would invite local residents of various cultural backgrounds to come together and share their favorite recipes at a corn barbeque—hot sauce or creamed corn with butter?
The grass portion would provide seating for a film series. The series, designed to enable an open exchange of views on pressing immigration-related issues, would be coordinated in partnership with the organization Indocumentales ( And of course if we watch movies we'd need to plant some of the popping corn variety...
A billboard would be mounted on the building adjoining the site announcing the event.

4. Flora & Fauna of Middle Main
Document (images, sound files, samples) the local flora & fauna from 'Middle Main.'
Catalog and create either a 2d/3d collage or collection table.
Along with audio field recordings.
Allow residents and others to notice enjoy the small moments on middle main...the wilderness of the urban space.

5. Wayfinding/ Branding Middle Main...
Mark out 'middle main' parameters letting people know they are entering and leaving 'middle main'
Design an identity for the area and accompanying markers (small signs? stickers?) for residents to place in neighborhood leaving space for them to write/upload personal narrative -- favorite spots, historical moments, etc
Identity could be a set of symbols designed in collaboration with local children. Ask them to respond to a simple theme, eg. draw your favorite place in the neighborhood or favorite color/ favorite shape?

6. Visions
Create a manifesto from 'Visions' collected by HRH. Synthesize, visualize?, print, and wheat paper post on 13 x 19 colored paper throughout community.
A set of symbols developed for the manifesto could be lasercut and stenciled onto other surfaces, sidewalks, etc.
Room would be left on posters for people to write in their own entries.
Might create a de-facto identity (see #5 for the area).